The products in question are those that help You in Your work on the long term, e.g. furniture, devices, tools, vehicles, or anything that facilitate Your everyday and one-of-a-kind activities. Fixed assets stocktaking is the counting of these objects.

The cooperation process


  • 1. Clarification of needs and requirements (inventory regulations of the Client)
  • 2. Definition of the area and/or sortiment of the stocktaking
  • 3. Conciliation of the quantitative process (evaluation of the present fixed asset register and the stocktaking process – if it is available)
  • 4. Definition of the data exchange process (Client – – Client)
  • 5. Definition of data structure
  • 6. Preparation and conduct of test stocktaking
  • 7. Conciliation of the date of the stocktaking


  • 1. Conduct of the quantitative process (stocktaking)
  • 2. Handover of the results (electronic/paper)

End of project

  • 1. Feedback & evaluation
  • 2. Fine-tuning of long-term cooperation


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