Stocktaking is easy if properly prepared, and consistently implemented. However, the preparation is a complex process, just think of creating a regulation that covers the entire process, that shouldn’t be improvised, but still… That’s why You need a stocktaking audit, or it may be that Your written documentation needs improvements.

Creation of stocktaking regulation

Creation of stocktaking regulation

The goal of the stocktaking regulation is to standardize the requirements and responsibilities of the execution of the stocktaking. During stocktaking, every piece must be taken into the records, and as a result, the reality of the balance must be prevailed.

The main component of the stocktaking regulation is the stocktaking instructions, which is issued by the leader of the organization each year. It contains all tasks to be done with their responsible. These instructions have to be disclosed before the stocktaking, so enough time is given to the management and operatives to get to know them.

We provide our Creation of stocktaking regulations service so it complies with laws in force and modern organization theory methods as well.

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