Stocktaking is easy if properly prepared, and consistently implemented. However, the preparation is a complex process, just think of creating a regulation that covers the entire process, that shouldn’t be improvised, but still… That’s why You need a stocktaking audit, or it may be that Your written documentation needs improvements.

Stocktaking process development

The task is easy, or it seems so: one has to count each item/asset, but before it comes to that, certain questions arise:

  • Do we really need to count everything twice?
  • What if we recounted just 20 % of the products? OK, but which 20 %? Why 20 %?
  • What size a zone should be? How many zones should we designate? What is a zone, anyway…
  • Should we use our own colleagues, or should we involve outside help?
  • How many coordinators do we need? What is their exact role?
  • How to best solve occurring problems, like unknown items?
  • Should the stocktaking take place in the opening hours or at closing times?
  • Would we be more efficient with an online system, and what is the ROI?
  • Should we provide catering for the stock takers or do they have to bring food with them?
  • Do we need part stocktaking, or a full one?
  • etc.

With our stocktaking process development service we not only answer these questions, but provide a methodology that ensure optimal resource utilization taking into account the precision.

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