The products in question are on the shelves of shops, in the warehouse and work-in-progress (WIP). Stocktaking is the counting of these products. With our stocktaking technology and services You can get a time and resource efficient, objective and precise look of Your real inventory.

Comprehensive stocktaking

Comprehensive stocktaking

If You would like to follow the stocktaking of Your company from Your armchair in Your home, then You need our comprehensive solution.

A stocktaking process basically needs six ingredients:

  • 1. experienced project manager
  • 2. acclaimed management team
  • 3. well-defined processes
  • 4. responsible stock takers
  • 5. rugged data collecting devices
  • 6. reliable software

with its comprehensive stocktaking solution, delivers all six of these traits to Your service. Our project managers have conducted and successfully completed dozens of stocktakings, which ensures a high-quality service. Among these we can find stocktakings with a personnel of some eleven, but almost 200 as well, and international references are also present.

So as we can help You, the first step should be a personal reconciliation about the details of the stocktaking. This is followed by the schedule of the preparation and conduct of the stocktaking, done by us. In case both parties find the cooperation value-creating, we will need the following:

  • the master data of the items to take (bar codes, descriptions, quantity, special marks etc.),
  • a designated contact person.

Following our activity, You can continue Your business with the real inventory data.

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