At the beginning, we dealt with logistics process development and systems planning, that is how we got into contact with stocktaking. The once-a-year full stocktaking is a significant project of commercial companies, and during the years we have gathered a unique competence both in execution and in process development. We have made stocktaking series at companies, where one year to the next, we have reduced working hours by 24 % while maintaining the same service level in the same amount of stores and inventory.

Our company has stocktaking projects ranging from 10-persons to 180-200-persons projects, both in Hungary and abroad. Our activity has been concerning food, technical products, building materials, car parts, piece goods, and we are open and prepared to working other articles as well, e.g. pharmaceuticals, clothing, drugstore etc. We believe that

„Minds are like parachutes - they only function when open.”

Thomas Dewar

Our philosophy

as a pioneer of Hungarian stocktaking ventures to create a stocktaking solution that defines the real inventory, besides the continuous process development and being the "unseen" contractor. Our accumulated experience is shared with our Partners as a stocktaking counsel service.

The principles of our corporate culture:

  • tight cooperation with the Partner, so the eventual success is guaranteed
  • correct business conduct
  • solution-oriented approach keeping in mind the result.

We consider it our mission, that by continuously developing our processes and portfolio, and by integrating stat-of-the-art IT, we can become an internationally acclaimed and followed company.

Our values

The key to our success is the unconditional adherence to our values:

Precision: Is our nature. The single most important goal of a stocktaking is to ascertain the quantity of inventory/assets with as much precision as it is humanly possible. This reflects our mentality.

Objectivity: We believe that a stocktaking provider’s first attribute is objectivity. Our task is to count what we see, what there is in reality.

Thinking together:We try our Partner’s shoes, so we not only understand, but live through their needs, and with appropriate guidelines, provide the best solution to them.

Value creation: Value is that, which makes our world simpler, more beautiful, and more liveable. Our goal is to create value that provides our Partners a higher service level with less costs to satisfy their customers, and protect our environment.


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