Stocktaking means a work for companies. Its need is not just inevitable but also a must to count the exact amounts of products and assets in accordance with the law taken in “2000 évi C. törvény – a számvitelről”. For most of the enterprises stocktaking is a sensitive issue (it’s a burden) because for them it’s not the main activity but it is for momentin. Additionally we do really like stocktaking!


The utility of stocktaking turns out when we realise that based on the IT system riports the product should be in the store but we do not find it in the shop. The system shows that we have the stock so we do not order the product from the warehouse. We do not generate decrease int he warehouse, the stockakers don’t have the real value and this way the customers won’t get the product they wanted to purchase. To avoid this situation an objective stocktaking has to be done which ends up with satisfied customers and the company’s income goes positive as well.

In Hungary the law about stocktaking obligation says that every company has to count his assets and stocks at least every 3 year.  Those companies who do not have electronical register for stock have to do stocktaking every year.

Stocktaking as outsourced work is useful, because:

  • You get an objective snapshot of your stock
  • Precision is paramount for momentin
  • Stocktaking becomes a controlled cost
  • momentin does stocktaking when it is the most suitable for your company (at night, weekends…)
  • The employees of our Clients can focus on their main tasks (retailers for selling, warehouse employees for picking)

In addition we ensure you that stocktaking will meet the requirements of law, our auditor certifies and guarantees it.

Every task is solved on the highest quality and level just with the employees who love what they do. Momentin’s team ensures you that our professionals keen on counting accurately every product and asset.

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