Performance management

Momentin provides performance. Our activity is measured not in workhours but in item numbers inventoried, units stored, and orders picked. Our aim is to develop and operate a performance review system that urges employees to create value. Their success will be reflected in their recognition.




Momentin devotes special attention to developing a diverse managerial competence portfolio on the operational level, which inspired us to add process engineers, database experts, and analysts to our team. This provides a suitable basis for commenting on and auditing a warehouse operation process, or technology that has already been developed or is undergoing planning. The result of our audit process is a “quick win”-type proposal package that is shown to management in the form of a presentation. This service package element is free of charge if Momentin is involved in its implementation.

Process Development

The proposal package provided in response to the deficiencies uncovered by the audit generally includes a complex and comprehensive development requirement that extends beyond the quick win nature of the audit result. We create a separate project to deal with these recommendations, even involving teachers from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and the consultants of INNOLOG Solutions Kft. as necessary.

Performance Reviews and Cultural Changes

The principle of our performance management service: customers only pay for Momentin’s services if we actually created added value. What do we mean by creating added value? Those warehouse/store activities create value for which the Customer is willing to pay. These include, for example, goods receiving, placing in storage, picking, packaging, and inventorying. In the majority of instances, these cases are easily quantifiable and can be used as the basis of a pay-per-performance system. Our experience shows that operations efficiency can improve by 30% on average.


Momentin offers comprehensive implementation of the above activities (goods receiving, placing in storage, picking, packaging, and inventorying). The model is similar to a “company within a company” that is capable of independent operations but still thinks and acts together with the warehouse/store. We can take over implementation down to the level of the shift manager and extending to even the entire warehouse operation or to operating just separate departments. The goal is shared: increasing efficiency with all the tools possible.