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Efficient Inventory

Inventory is useful when done even in itself: just think what happens when the inventory management system shows that a product is in stock when it actually isn’t. Since the enterprise resource planning system shows that it is in stock, no orders are placed from the central warehouse; however, no sales can be generated either, stock analysts draw the wrong conclusions from the data, and customers leave the store disappointed and empty-handed… The vicious cycle can only be broken with exact, objective inventorying, which avoids loss of revenue and protects customers from disappointment.

According to Act C of 2000 on Accounting, all companies are required to perform inventories (physical counts) of both their tangible assets and their stocks at least every 3 years. Companies that do not have electronic inventory records are required by law to perform inventories annually. Market operators tend to perform full inventories more frequently than required by law: those with inventories with quick turnovers even do so every quarter (even if they have current, item group, or supplier daily inventories).

Having an exact inventory is no longer merely a competitive advantage, but is the price of keeping your head above water.

Outsourcing Inventory

Outsourcing inventorying allows you to enjoy the benefits of inventories, such as:

  • gaining an objective overview of stock levels
  • for Momentin, precision is essential
  • the inventorying activity appears as a one-off, manageable cost (instead of adding to the row of “other costs”)
  • we perform the inventory when it is best for you (at night, on the weekend, etc.)
  • your employees can remain focused on their primary tasks (e.g. in case of retail inventories, on sales; in case of warehouse inventories, on picking)

We also make sure that your inventorying activities are always compliant with the requirements of law, as certified by our auditors.

Just like everything else, inventorying can be performed in the highest quality only if we love what we do, and we can ensure you that our team loves accurately counted products and assets.



Stock Inventory

Accurate, Objective, Cost Effective

These are stocks that are on store shelves, in warehouse racks, or on production sites.

Tárgyi eszköz leltár

Inventory of Fixed Assets

Independent, Precise, Reliable

We are talking about devices that support our work in the long run, be it a desktop or a computer.

Szakmai tanácsadás

Performance management

Experienced, Authentic, Practical

Quantify the measurable processes. But let’s see the man behind the numbers.