About Fixed Assets inventory

About Fixed Assets inventory When we talk of inventory, most people think of stock inventories (especially if they’ve encountered a sign saying “Closed for Inventory”). You may think that what really matters is the products meant for sale or, in the case of production units, semi-finished products and/or raw materials, since these are the assets […]

Tender information for outsourcing inventory

Tender information for outsourcing inventory The development of company specialisation and concentrating on a main activity is increasingly common in company business management. Inventory, as momentin’s main activity, is increasingly outsourced by commercial, logistics, and production companies in Hungary, as well. The task after making the decision is the responsibility of the procurement team: they […]

Inventory audit

Leltározási folyamatainak auditálási lehetőségei

Inventory audit   How and what to check in quantitative inventories? Companies often audit their processes, and inventory is no exception: in fact, in certain cases it is required by law. Inventory processes can be audited by a number of different types of organisations (a body specified by the company’s financial investor, auditor, labour inspector, […]

Inventory schedule

Inventory schedule   Our previous article was about inventory rules, a significant part of which consists of the inventory schedule, as inventory has to take place on the basis of the inventory preparation and inventory rules specified by the company. Just like the entirety of the rules, the schedule that forms a part of it […]

Inventory liability

Inventory liability It can be determined that the amount of capital tied-down in the case of both trading and even producing companies is significant, which means deficit-free management is a fundamental interest of responsible owners and managers, and an important condition and tool for deficit-free management is inventory. The question arises of who is responsible […]

Five points about wasted talent

Five points about wasted talent   Our previous article was about “Who should I inventory with?”. Another issue that has a profound effect on the success of the inventory is talent that is wasted when using employees. What happens if you use your own employees for making inventory? What do we mean by wasted talent? […]

Who should I inventory with? Own employees vs. experts

Who should I inventory with? Own employees vs. experts   Whenever you perform an inventory, the question arises of who should perform the physical counting. Is it right to ask your own employees? In most cases, this suddenly seems like a good decision… but is it really? According to the International Standards for the Professional […]

Inventory methods

Inventory methods </h1 > This writing aims to provide a direction and a light at the end of the dark tunnel of quantitative stocktaking, so the following inventory events can take place more smoothly. You can fulfil the inventory obligations specified by law in two ways: either by conciliation (analytics and general ledger) or by […]

Making inventory during the acquisition

Making inventory during the acquisition   The sale of a company is quite a complex business process. The main question is always: how much is my company worth? Or rather, how much will they pay for it? Determining goodwill is of key importance when selling the company, as the buyer does not want to pay […]

How can you avoid using the “Closed for Inventory” sign?

How can you avoid using the “Closed for Inventory” sign?   We most often think it is only natural to close the store or company for the time of the inventory. We handle the resulting losses due to the fact that business activities are suspended and we are unable to meet customer needs during the […]