About Us

Momentin was established to provide accurate and effective solution for inventory. Over the years, we have supported our partners in numerous other inventory management-related activities, such as stocking and picking. Our goal is to support our partners by thinking together with them. That is the same principle we applied when creating our Performance Management service.

We use cutting edge performance evaluation methods and technologies to ensure that our efficiency remains high quality at all times. We design our software to ensure its serve customer needs to the greatest extent possible.

We prioritize training for our staff to ensure that employees understand the work processes they are involved in as well as their continuity. We guarantee reliable, fast responses under continuous managerial mentoring. All team members have a vested interest in providing higher levels of services regarding both qualitative and quantitative criteria.

Our vision is to

provide a professional logistics service that serves as a compass for our partners and competitors.

Based on employee recommendations, the management has determined five main values that define our everyday business operations. We all have to comply with these values and behavioral norms.